“But they don’t fit in my shoes!” – They do if we design them for you.

All 3 of our Podiatrists have orthotics in our shoes. We love them! We don’t necessarily wear them all the time, but we understand the benefits of them and we enjoy having that extra support that they give.

Not all our patients end up with orthotics. We are not the type to over prescribe and we have several other treatment options that might be more suitable. However, if we do arrange orthotics for you, we know you will love them and we will always ensure you are comfortable in them.

STEP 1 – We use an awesome 3D foot scanner.

STEP 2 – We design the orthotic perfectly, based on bio mechanical findings and thorough foot measurements.

STEP 3 –  We use Australia’s leading orthotic laboratory – Orthotech.

The end result is an orthotic that not only supports and controls you but fits well into your chosen shoes and feels great. Most of our patients choose the carbon fibre orthotics as they are stronger, thinner and lighter.