Shock Wave Therapy

They used to use this to break down your kidney stones, in fact they still do! Thank god, because it makes passing them a lot easier. Now a days, it’s an awesome way to treat you tendonitis or fasciitis.



Well it send these high energy bursts of sound waves (no no, not like ultra sound – these are very mild) into your foot, or knee, or elbow, etc. The sound waves hit the tendon and break down scar tissue and cause micro-trauma to the area. This sends a pretty stern message back to your brain “Hey, we have a problem down here, can you help?”

The brain then sends in the troops by opening the blood vessels in the affected area which allows truck loads of blood cells and nutrients to arrive. The result – an increase in new tissue regeneration, and a quicker recovery. PS… there is one side effect… analgesia! That’s right, the treatment also stimulates the release of pain relieving substances which make you feel happier.

We need to assess you and diagnose your condition first though before we gently blast your foot with sound waves. So when you come, please bring your running shoes and the footwear you use most commonly and we will scrutinise them. We will also take a bunch of measurements and watch you walking and running. If you’ve never had a bio mechanical assessment before it’s pretty cool – you might get to see a video of yourself in action.