Running Assessments

These types of assessments are pretty cool. You get to see a video of yourself running on a treadmill after we’ve drawn lines and markers on your legs and feet. So many people here in Sydney go running, so why not have an assessment first, so we can help you to do it safely and efficiently. We can talk to you about running style, stride length and foot placement, and we can match specific models of running shoes to your foot type. Are you a pronator, or a supinator? Your running assessment will reveal all.

So if you are a runner, or if you play sports that involve running, book an assessment and find out what you didn’t know, you didn’t know, about your feet. In addition to bringing your feet to the assessment, we ask you to bring your existing running shoes too. Most of the time your shoes are wrong, but we promise not to tease you.
After all, you’re not the Podiatrists, we are!


CALL US / BOOK NOW – to prevent a running injury, it’s easier than trying to cure one